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Apart from spectacular scenery there are many places in South Africa where wildlife and nature can be enjoyed. Wildlife is at it's best in South Africa 's prpvince KwaZulu-Natal. Here visitors have great South African safari options and see  the big 5 in very diverse and beautiful countryside as well as opportunities for  whale watching. Visitors are recommended to see Hluhluwe / Umfolozi and Tempe elephant park and enjoy a South Africa game drive and a guided wildlife trail while there. The Drakensberg Mountains is an ideal place to spend carefree days on one of the trails passing through lush indigenous forest with flowers and ferns and discover endless waterfalls, cascades and pools along the way.

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The vegetation varies dramatically from the Wild Coast the inland Game parks and Nature reserves or farms and the hot dry open spaces of the interior.  There is an abundance of rock art sites left us by the Bushmen for one to explore.

South Africa is quite justly proud of its rich natural heritage, which is being diligently protected in the many nature reserves and national parks. The country is home to more than 300 mammal species, over 500 bird species, over 100 kinds of reptiles and countless insects.

Not all the animals are easy to watch. Besides the fact that many species are night-active, season, place, weather and, of course, luck play a part as well. To observe and photograph animals, always requires a lot of patience and also good lenses with a long focal distance. 

Explore the animal world of southern Africa, because the more you know about the animals, the more interesting it gets to watch them. We have collected some basic information and many good photos on the most frequently encountered species.  The following represents a small sample of the hundreds of thousands of species of wildlife found in southern Africa. The term 'wildlife' refers to mammals, birds, fish and reptiles that can be found in the wild. Send us an email if you would like to know more about south African wildlife and how you can experience a real African wildlife safari at affordable rates

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